dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Hooray for my friend!!

[Please leave a comment to congratulate my friend. I'm gonna print all the comments and give it to her. 
If you're congratulating her in your own language, please also state what language and give a quick translation :P ]

Hello kind followers and fellow bloggers,

This is a blog dedicated to my friend, who just graduated from Brussels Law School! She just finished her training period, working for a group of lawyers, where each lawyer had his/her speciality. And she had to work 1 week with each, to see what speciality she would like. There would be lawyers for people who were prosecuted for driving under influence, lawyers for people with medical problems like mesothelioma ( Mesothelioma, more precisely malignant mesothelioma, is a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body's internal organs, the mesothelium. It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos.[1]
Its most common site is the pleura (outer lining of the lungs and internal chest wall), but it may also occur in the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity), the pericardium (a sac that surrounds the heart),[2] or the tunica vaginalis (a sac that surrounds the testis). source: wikipedia), lawyers for accident claims, for credit mortgages and stuff. Was a big office as you can see. But she managed to work with everyone, she got good grades and she officially graduated now!! 
I was talking to her yesterday, and the thing about her I like is that she has a lot of motivation and dares to think big! 

She's young and gets a lot of offers! 

A professor with whom she really gets along, said he could manage to get her in this big lawyer's offices all over the USA. She forwarded the email, and she gave me promision to copy some things on here (translated for the english people of course)
[DISCLAIMER: I let the names of the lawyer's offices out, as I don't know it would be copyrighted or not. I don't want to get prosecuted, and have to stand against a whole lawyer's office :D ]

Hi Sara

Here's a  list of lawyer's offices I can recommend you to, I'll also add their speciality to it. It was an honor having you as a student.
  • tampa dui lawyers
  • washington divorces lawyers
  • Miami criminal defence lawyers
  • scottsdale dui lawyers
  • Las Vegas accident claim lawyer
  • Austin mesothelioma lawyer
  • austim criminal lawyer
  • san diego dui defense lawyer
  • phoenix dui lawyers
  • new york mesothelioma and medical stuff lawyers
  • chicago dui lawyers
  • georgia car accident lawyers
  • pennsylvania mesothelioma lawyers
  • boston dui lawyers
Your Professor XYZ

She also went to the USA for 6 months, doing some training there, and got to know an attorney. She's been corresponding with him, and probably he can get her to become an attorney. It's a mighty man, so again I'm gonna let out names and stuff, but just the sum up is incredible !!

  • Los Angeles tax attorney
  • dui attorney phoenix
  • San Diego mesothelioma attorneys
  • Houston mesothelioma attorneys
  • pennsylvania personal injury attorney
  • san diego criminal attorney
  • california lemon law attorney
  • fort worth dwi attorney
  • los angeles criminal defense attorneys
  • phoenis dui attorney

So it seems she's going to make it. Belgium seems to be out of opportunities for her, so it's maybe good she's going to another country. I hope you do well over there, we will always be friends, and I can't wait to visit!!

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Congratsss! xx

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Wow, great for her! tell her to never give up for me!

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awesome. good luck to your friend!

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That is a huge accomplishment and very impressive!! Congratulations Sara!! I wish you the best.

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wow that was an interesting read...
im gonna follow this blog it looks cool, you should check out mine ;)

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Wow! Congratz.

I hope your career goes as well as college did. The real world is a tough place!

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Good luck for your future, Sara

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congrats sara!

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Wow, congrats! Have fun with your career!

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Congratulations =]

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Congrats! Great accomplishment, you should be proud of yourself. :)

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alles gute herzlichen glückwunsch :D
german .. congratulation. :D

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congrats from london! good luck!

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Con gratulations i hope you get everything you want out of life :) good luck!

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Awesome, congratulations!!

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Congrats Sara! Graduating law school is a HUGE accomplishment!

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Congrats to her!!

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Grattis hopps att du når alla dina mål! ( swedish ) :P thanks for sharing ur life with us! ill be back for more :D

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Congrats to her!!

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Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!

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congrats! nice work

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Congratulations to her friend =)

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great! congrats...i have only one year to my diploma too

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Dude, excellent post. Each time you amaze me even mre

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followed just so you know :)

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Tell her congrats from me! :)

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congratulations are in order my man! going to follow you, because you seem like a smart and nice guy

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Graz man!

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you have spare time, follow

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Now she needs to research the origin of lawyer jokes ;)