maandag 28 maart 2011

So you want motivation?

Just finished watching Rocky. It's not the first time I saw it, but I can watch it multiple times because I just love Rocky -F*ckin'- Balboa!

Here's also another nice piece of text I found. Very inspirational!!

I ran into a friend of mine at the track once. We decided to have a friendly race ... one mile.

Starting off, he pulled just ahead of me. I thought I would close the distance and pass him after a short bit, but could never quite do it.
The whole lap my body was on fire, and I was pushing it as hard I could. He crossed the line 10 meters ahead of me. He didn't even look winded, just a dead-set look in his eyes.

Afterwards I asked him how he ran that fast, and he told me that it is all in the motivation you light in your mind..imagining your own world and blotting out all everything else.

So I asked, "What do you imagine?"

He replied, "What do you do?"

I told him that to run faster, I like to imagine that I am being chased by a wolf.

He smiles and says, "In my mind, I am the one that's chasing the wolf."

That was the day that I started to understand.

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Glovey zei

Love the video man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

Asty zei

i like this movie

KnightOnlineGoldMaker zei

I like to watch these kind of motivational video.

mac-and-me zei

great movie for sure

Micah Goss zei

Inspirational stuff.

consuela bananahammoc zei

You should watch fighter then, you'll love it!

Rob zei

need to see the new Rocky still. By this clip it'll be a good movie.

Moob zei


Alpha zei

Chase wolves

With your mind

T. Roger Thomas zei

I'm inspired.

Cindy zei

I wish I was a lawyer :(

Admin zei

We all need a little motivation someimes.

JapRoulette zei

Lol that's so funny hahaha

Püllï zei

Awesome! I have some motivation xD

freddieblue1 zei

nice speech, i haven't actually seen this film i might go see it now.