donderdag 10 maart 2011

Wish me luck

off to play a 20€ mtt with 180 participants. Final Table is paid. gl to me

6 Responsaments:

Ross zei

I fucking love poker ... i only ever play with fake money though i'm not nearly good enough to play for real hah

Mike zei

hope you win man! im also addicted to those poker tables im very guilty of going all in most of the time lol

mac-and-me zei

good luck man

pokerblogger zei

You won some money?:-)

John A.S. zei

no me AA vs KK and A2 preflop all in on bubble
board: 22xKx

Truth zei

Haha, you gotta fold AA with 2 callers on the bubble!! Good luck next time tho bro.