zondag 13 maart 2011

Allez Standard!! vs Charleroi [Belgian Soccer]

For those who don't know it: I'm a hardcore Standard Liege Fan!
The atmosphere in the stadium is always great, almost every match there is someone with bengal fire, 
in top matches there are tifosi (check the picture), supporters are singing, it's just awesome

The thing is they weren't doing that great lately, only 7th place and this after they were the champion for 2 years after a row in '08 and '09. In '10 Anderlecht (the biggest rival of Standard) became champion, and that season Standard really played bad, not winning anything, not even qualifying for european football. 

The team in red is Standard, the black-white team is Charleroi. What happens is first some fan of Standard throws bengal fire on the field, and the players of Standard go tell the fans to chill and stop making such commotion. They kinda do that but in the second half, the charleroi fans throw tennis balls to Standardplayers and manage to open the fence and try to get on the field. 

Sick atmosphere, right?

7 Responsaments:

Anon zei

crazy soccer hooligans

Jon Shed zei

That's disgusting. I'm a massive football fan, and I thought the yobs we got in england were bad! Why do they not ban the flares that are thrown on? They are banned in the UK but i see them in europe a lot!

ankmanpro zei

Indeed, very sick admosphere haha. Love the action. Followed! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

mac-and-me zei

tense video

Anoniem zei

wow the crowd were going crazy!

Ian zei

It's a shame people go mad at football. Throwing flares and such. I love how there seem to be many more matches played at night in Europe. It looks cool and makes for a good atmosphere. In England, we play mostly in afternoon - daylight :(

SPojs zei

Good response by police and all the players!