maandag 14 maart 2011

Schoolwork vs The Internet

We all know have an assignment to make, a test to learn,.. and you just can't start. Everytime you wanna start working on it, there's always something more interesting..

Who recognizes this?

29 Responsaments:

Merlyy zei

Hahaha so true

TheStamos23 zei

im definitely in the process of this right now. Have a test in like 4 hours im not studying for -_-

reviewsandtherest zei

this reminds me a lot of high school

mac-and-me zei

lol :D

Anoniem zei

Haha this is so me! Procrastination is in my blood!

~Fabi zei

Yeah, that sounds about right.

that classic guy zei

man, what a lame boring stuff today =D

Wolle zei


Anoniem zei

haha :D:D

Jose zei

used to happen to me all the time in highschool. Still happens now a days.

Gistireyn zei

Ooo I feel you pain, getting any work done that needs to be is almost impossible nowadays. So much more interesting stuff on the internets.

Ian zei

Totally, and not just the internet. Anything and everything else in my life suddenly becomes interesting and of immediate importance!

One day I'll learn to do my work as early as possible :( it's the same amount of time spent on it either way, just sooner rather than later.

jonii zei

that is so true :D

ankmanpro zei

Oh lord you pretty much nailed it.

Xavion Zenovka zei

lmfao so true

Olavo Marques zei

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pokerblogger zei

lol so ***** true :D

Anoniem zei

hahah, well i have a translate thing on my blog so you can understand it heh :)

Follow eachother?

Matt Neumann zei

Haha, The internet is a great procrastinator! Great blog, im following!

Moob zei

this is pretty accurate

Elliot MacLeod-Michael zei

Totally, except I don't have homework, I have work work. Intranerds is much more interesting than typing memos. Followed.

Armageddon zei

Every single damn day.

Andre zei

spitting truth man
The Nostalgia Corner.

after3 zei

Very true. I usually have an amazingly clean room when there is something more important to do.

CT zei

Oh boy this rings true for me... I had a 10 page paper due last semester, and I literally did it the night before it was due. Damn internet....

Josip Hursa zei

So true

D.Lee zei

Ugh it's almost like an unwritten rule. Happens every. Single. Time.

Daniella zei


This happened not too long ago xD

yesac95b zei

sounds bout right