dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Have to work for school? Any subject becoms interesting, from car loans to party poker. A LITTLE overview about my project.

Just kidding, it's gonna be a long one. Tl;dr? Cliffs and questions are at the bottom! :D

So as you could read in my previous post, I had a lot of homework to do, but failed to start due to the wondurfulll interwebs.
It was a project for school, which could decide if I failed or passed my year, so maybe I should have worked harder, but whatever. For those of you who don't know, I study Interactive Media & Design in Mechelen,Belgium.It's about photoshop, illustrator, flash,.. very cool and all about computers.
So this project..We had to take a "business"we would have a lot of info on nearby (friends, family, neighbours, self-experience, ..) e.g. insurance company, bank, school,.. and make some logo's en ads -both print and online -  and stuff in the housestyle of the company, to help them in these hard times of economic crisis. From the start this was going to be the subject I thought
*Car insurance quote / auto insurance quote in Belgium
car insurance in belgium: a pain in the ass

At first I prefered this. My dad works in an insurance office so any information about car insurance quotes could easily be obtained. I'm also learning how to drive, so it would be interesting to see the difference options when I'm going to buy a car and most importantly: where to get the auto insurance. The problem is car insurance in Belgium can be very expensive, because of the VAT. The solution is to get the auto insurance on the name of one of your parents, because they drive longer and have to pay less. The problem is when you have an accident then, the auto insurance quote is going up, so they'll have to pay more. So I looked around on the internet (probably took me about 4 hours on facebook, skype and party poker first to search for a whole 10 minutes). I decided that if I was going to take this subject, I was going to go with this insurance office called Delta Lloyd. Maybe because it was too easy (blue/white colorpalette & dad works here) or because their car insurance quotes were cheaper than the rest.

*College Loan Consolidations
But then the next happened: a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (well that's about it) called me, and wanted to ask a few questions about course (IMD). She said she wanted to follow it next schoolyear, but read it costs quite a lot. I said she should get a school/college loan consolidation because a lot of my classmates have some kind of college loans. She said she didn't know anything about it, and as polite as I am, said I was going to do some research for her. As I was researching it, I had this idea. What about this as my subject for my project. I have to admit, college loan consolidation is quite a weird subject, but I have info nearby (the school, my classmates,..), if the project is really good the school might buy it which will end in the teachers loving me and I do my friend of a friend of a friend of a friend a really big favor. So I researched, again, and found some info, again..

The thing in Belgium is, we have this credit system for university and higher education which the government pays. It pays your for your education, as long as you don't fail X times and stuff. The problem is with IMD is the costs the government doesn't pay with the credit system can add up to a high sum. A laptop (preferably mac), software (not all of it can be student versions, like photoshop had to be paid fully), maybe a room in a dorm (money for food, drinks,..), and so on. As you can see, a school loan consolidation can become quite handy for some people. But after a while I decided this was going to be to difficult as a subject. I did give my friend... (you get the picture) the information, and she said she probably is going to have some kind of college loan consolidation.

Soooooo yesterday. Yes, one day before the deadline and I still had to make an electronic ad. Now it seems so easy to make it for a car insurance. First you have a nice car, you let it crash, you put the car insurance quote in the middle of the screen, accentuate it, and it's ready. Normally I would do that, but that seemed just tooooo cheesy. (Now I wished I worked out that idea, then I probably could have slept this night.
So time for some inspiration, and where to get it else than on youtube! Just randomly browsing from video to video, thinking about the relation between the video and the car insurance. And then it happened. *click* I opened some video about the party poker league. NOOOOOO, now I would never start working on my auto insurance project. <-- wish I thought that at the time.
So I think I watched some party poker league video's, then went on on the full tilt poker million dollar challenge, to end with the big game by pokerstars. After watching all those video's I really wanted to play, I saw people playing poker in video's for 2 hours. So I googled a bit, found a party poker bonus and deposited 50 bucks. Some people ask my why I play on party poker. Full tilt poker and pokerstars are bigger, better and their bonuses are better. And honestly, I don't know. Probably something psychologically: Everytime I deposited some money online, I had the best results on party poker. The bad beats on the other 2 rooms just kept coming.
And I don't know if I'm bad at searching but how easy is it to find a party poker bonus? Just go to google and search for 'party poker bonus' and you'll get a zillion results, go to thepiratebay or some other torrent sites I think and a big ad will open where you can read in big, bold letters 'party poker bonus'. And of all the bonuses I had on all 3 sites - party poker, full tilt poker and pokerstars - which one was the easiest to clear? That's right! The party poker bonus.
So I played a bit, and around 2am I call it a session. I'm in half of clearing the party poker bonus, got some money. And had 4 hours to work on my car insurance quotes project.

> Had project for school
> Wanted to do about auto insurance quotes in Belgium.
> Friend asked some questions about college loan consolidations
> Thought about doing my project about school loans
> Stayed with car insurance quotes thing
> Wanted some inspiration for interactive ad, so went to youtube, watch random video's
> "Accidentaly" clicked a video about the party poker league
> Watch 2 hours poker video's instead of working on my car insurance project
> Deposit 50 bucks on partypoker, trying to clear the party poker bonus.
> End the session at 2am clearing half of the party poker bonus.
> Work the rest on the night on my auto insurance project
> Everything went better than expected

still tl;dr, right? :P

You don't need to answer these but I'd like to know
Some random questions for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu:
*what subject would you have picked: auto insurance in Belgium or the one about school loans (you probably find them both boring, right?)
*What is your favourite pokerroom, if you play poker at all
*Do you have some inspiration video's on youtube?

Wow, this took a while, anyway. Gl everyone in life, and see u soon!!

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Patti D. zei

I think is quite interesting to read about how is the situation in your country.

Wonderfullyrandom zei

at first i was like wall of text then i loled following for more =)

Trapper zei

Glad you found my blog cause I was able to find yours, I enjoy reading a good morning lol!

If anyone is interested in games check my blog out at http://trapper02.blogspot.com/

Xuian zei

I did partypoker for a bit. What sucks about it is the HUGE swings. I started with 150 USD in it playing games of 3/6 7 card stud. Went up to 300 possibly in one night, might have been 2. Then I lost 100$ on a number of hands that I might have misplayed a bit but it was shit. One hand I had a straight and lost to a flush, another I had a flush and lost to a better flush, and I remember another that I had a full house in holdem and lost to a better full house. That's how you go from 300 to 0 in 3 hands. Play safe or low limits or have a huge bankroll is the lesson here.

Virellum zei

crazy belgians xD holland wins u kk???

Jung zei

I remember a trick where you sign up for multiple poker sites, get the bonus cash, play 50/50 strategy, then cash out on all of them.

Weirdwhirl zei

I play PKR for the 10 cent givaways ;)

pokerblogger zei

i play full tilt poker => it sucks man =/

Gistireyn zei

Poker is the bane of my money

Venus zei

good luck on your studies.

after3 zei

When I went to art school I was shocke d just who much computer work it involved.

~Fabi zei

Eww, Poker.

Merlyy zei

Check out my blog entry about my Poker-hatred :D

gadget guru zei

i wanna play poker but just know ll my money will disappear

Salman A zei

I've had my share of annoying projects, albeit interesting projects. Great post, keep 'em coming! Following :)

mac-and-me zei

not going to school for a while ;)

Isaac zei

I play poker at indian casinos lol

Proka zei

zzzz i play poker in school :D

Asty zei

[] threadsaver

Anoniem zei

Over here, car insurance is also shit, I think that in all the world :P