woensdag 16 maart 2011

How good can a day go

Hi guys,

I'm extremely happy today, I'm gonna try to share with you guys why that is. Again a long post, but I really like writing, it's kinda in my blood I guess. I also go to the library a lot, yeah free books are better :D, to get my hands on some classic books. Ok, here we go!

As you can read in the title, it was a very good day. Why was that? I don't know lol. You know sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just have the feeling the day is gonna be wonderfull? So how can you tell it when you're like 1 second awake?
Anyways I had that feeling and then some other fun stuff happened

My mom is sick, so first of all I could sleep longer, because normally I go to school by bus, but now I could take the car. For free. Well that may seems odd, but most of the times when I take the car I have to pay some money for the fuel. But this time for free lol. Not that it's that much money anyways, but you know when something is for free that always feels better.

* I arrive at school. Bam, the first thing that happens is my teacher who's gonna evaluate my project (check my last blog) about the car insurance stuff asks me to come with her to talk. At first I was like oh boy, she's not gonna like what I did with the auto insurance ad, man I better took the student loan consolidation subject, or I should become a poker pro, get another party poker bonus and grind my way up.
But everything went better than expected. Yes, she wanted to talk about my project, but not in a bad way. She said it was a very original ad, and I picked the hardest subject there could be. Other people kinda copied things from the internet, but she liked that I dare to take auto insurance. Then I even impressed her more when I said I thought about taking college loan consolidation as the subject. But anyway, she said her husband bought a car, but the contract and the car insurance quote in her current insurance office where she had life assurance, fire insurance and stuff would be too expensive. So I gave her my dad's phone number. So she called him around noon, and when I came home my dad was really happy, because my teacher's husband bought a porsche carrera and because my dad could give him a really 'cheap' but very good automobile insurance quote, he wanted to get al his assurances to my dad's office.

* My friend of my friend ... (you already got it ,right?) called, and said she went looking for some more college loan consolidation. She found some good offers, called some people, and she has a few appointments next week to go look with her parents if she can get a good school loan consolidation. Anyway, so she was really happy too, we probably gonna see eachother a lot soon, and for sure next schoolyear. Anyway, did I mention she's really hot. Man, if I made millions on party poker, she wouldn't need a college loan, I'd give it to her lol.

*Now we're talking about party poker. Played a bit, built my bankroll of 50$ to about 120$. No worries if it doesn't go that fast if you play poker, I don't really use bankroll management =$ . Cleared my party poker bonus, so kaching, an extra 50$ free!!
So with my 120$ I decided to take a shot in the 4K$ guarantee, 10$ buyin. Did manage to mincash, for 15$, but had a really bad beat to end my tourney. But I still love party poker (instead of full tilt poker and pokerstars or Ultimate bet) and gonna keep on playing there. And hope I'll get another party poker bonus of course! :D

See you guys later and thanks for reading!!

Video related: it's Beautiful day by U2.

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David zei

congrats on your school project. better luck next time at poker, sounds fun!

Jung zei

Congrats on coming up in poker, and good luck with your hot friend.

after3 zei

Congratulations buddy. That's amazing.

Chris zei

goodluck man! great song!

Triper zei

Great information, so keep it going my friend.

Merlyy zei

I love that entry =)
Well done and the song is great!

Bramber zei



Trapper zei

Good luck playing poker! I used to love doing this, but never had much online success but had a good time playing.

Toto zei

nice song!
following and supporting!


mac-and-me zei

good luck!

Come At Me Bro zei

Nice vid!

a noodle zei

I'm glad you had a nice day. I hope you have another nice day tomorrow.

Doodles and Dreams

Anoniem zei

Well, it can go surprisingly good.

Raw zei

I'm glad your day went so well.
I love your blog, I'll be checking back regularly!

D3blogger zei

I like the song :)

amBored zei

glad to hear you're happy, wish you good luck alo U2 classic :) +followed

pokerblogger zei

you fishieeee

Clarence Miller zei

Following and $upporting


your best friend in the blogosphere =D

Anoniem zei

sounds like an awesome day. hope tomorrow is better ;)

Josip Hursa zei

Epic song

SPojs zei

Hey man, what do you think about PKR?
I might join Partypoker..


naixor zei

fun read, terrible song though :P

D3blogger zei

Good luck on the poker, i wasted too much time and money on it and gained nothing ^^

Patti D. zei

congratulations, how awesome, your teachers husband driving a porsche? that is insane

Pyrockk zei

good to hear :)

BaronV3ndetta zei

Eh not a fan of usher. :p

Cindy zei

I liked your blog so much, that I decided to visit your older posts, and I really like how upbeat this one was, it made me hope to have such a wonderful day too! :)

Asty zei

curious, would you be down to possibly start a Homegames thing on PS?

John A.S. zei

Having pokerstars.net software, teh playchips only one. Check your mail asty ;)