vrijdag 18 maart 2011

I bought a car, and I hope it's not a lemon.

Oh my god guys, I'm so happy right now. The thing is, I don't even have my driver's license yet. But some colleague who works with my dad in the insurance office is divorcing, and he doesn't need his car anymore.

Because I could get is for basically nothing, I loaned a bit of money from my parents, and bought it.

a ford escort
As you all know I basically know anything about car insurance now.  Thanks to my dad I can get a low car insurance quote.

It's a good thing that I could buy it from someone I know because my cousin also recently got a buy and got a auto insurance with a low car insurance quote. The thing is tho, that after a few days he noticed the car is damaged a lot! After a bit of research and calling with the people from the car insurance, he heard there's nothing he could do about. The car insurance is not gonna pay him to repair the damages, because car insurance is only for accidents and stuff they say. What's weird because he pays a high auto insurance quote.

So I found it weird, I went googling and I found this cool information. Appearantly in the United States they call it a lemon.
A lemon is a defective car that is found to have numerous or severe defects not readily apparent before its purchase. Any vehicle with these issues can be termed a 'lemon,' and, by extension, any product which has major flaws that render it unfit for its purpose can be described as a 'lemon'.
At the core of most lemon laws is the manufacturer's breach of warranty. A manufacturer's warranty is what makes the manufacturer legally responsible for repairs to the consumer's vehicle or good. It is a form of guarantee. An express warranty is typically a written warranty. An implied warranty unlike an express warranty, is not written. The law imposes these obligations on the manufacturer, the seller or both as a matter of public policy. These vary from state to state.
Lemon laws may cover situations even when the vehicle is not under warranty, especially if the seller failed to disclose critical information such as previous damage to the buyer. Knowingly purchasing a car in "as is" condition does not void the buyer's rights under applicable lemon laws. Lemon laws are not limited to cars. There are RV, boat, motorcycle, and wheelchair lemon laws.
(source: Wikipedia )

So the good thing is, in the USA, there are laws for this. First you have the federal law, and then almost every state has its own lemon law: Lemon Law of Wisconsin, Lemon Law of California, Lemon Law of Ohio, Lemon Law of Illinois, you get the picture.

Lemon laws are American state laws that provide a remedy for purchasers of cars in order to compensate for cars that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance. These vehicles are called lemons. The federal lemon law (the Magnuson-Moss Waranty Act) protects citizens of all states. State lemon laws vary by state and may not necessarily cover used or leased cars. The rights afforded to consumers by lemon laws may exceed the warranties expressed in purchase contracts. Lemon law is the common nickname for these laws, but each state has different names for the laws and acts.
Federal lemon laws cover anything mechanical. The federal lemon law also provides that the warranter may be obligated to pay the prevailing party's attorney in a successful lemon law suit, as do most state lemon laws.
(source: Wikipedia )

 So, good I bought it from someone I know.

Also, it's friday todayyy!!!!!

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Anoniem zei

I didn't know about the term lemon until now and grats on your car!!! Now to get that license to party on fridays lol

Josip Hursa zei

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterwards

hahhaha so funny song

Congratulations. Can you tell us how much did you pay car ( if it isn't secret ).

Nigma zei


Matt Neumann zei

Its friday, too bad shes WAY too young to drive anywhere! Its always exciting getting a new car!

after3 zei

Congrats. I'm jealous.

Wonderfullyrandom zei

gratz hope it dosnt turn out to have problems!

Leanora's Blog zei

Congrats on the car and like after3 said im jealous too. Just make sure you get your license soon and make sure everything is done correctly with it.

Daily01 zei

Damn she is hot. Congrats on the car!

T. Roger Thomas zei

I hope your new car doesn't cause you problems.

Chris zei

lol what a nice little car! :P
I swear to god, i have seen this video posted on several blogs now. WHY?! I saw her on gma, that songs is sooo bad lol

Patwa zei

mm gratz ^^

Dale zei


bipolar bear zei

Get a motorbike, they're at least 4 times cooler! (and half the price to insure!)

Triper zei

This car looks pretty, wish you luck it is not 'lemon' :)

D3blogger zei

Cool i used to have car like that !

Proka zei

It's a lemon. :D

Modoki zei

Though its a pretty sad thing you now have some issues with the car. Even if you get it alright, it still was some work to figure these things out and stuff huh.
Bought a car 3 weeks ago, though I don't have my license yet as well. Well^^

drunk on custard zei

Haha damn that video! I see it everywhere nowadays. Although nice post, following :)

CandleintheDark zei

haha I posted that same video. Good post!

I'll be following

Raw zei

It sucks how insurance companies will do anything they can in order to not have to pay your expenses.
And my god that song is awful lol.

Justsayin' zei

Congrats. Hope it's a good reliable car for you and last a long time.

Glovey zei

Ahh hope the car is reliable! :D

Alpha zei

Wow, that song is really blowing up.

Pyrockk zei

nice. similar to my first car. hope it goes well

BaronV3ndetta zei

Its saturday today whats tomorrow? :3

Electric Addict zei

oh god not that terrible voice again.

and interesting bit about lemon law. thanks

Cindy zei

How old is she by the way? She looks very nice :)

Come At Me Bro zei

Great car!

PenDRaGoN zei

GOod for you, I hope you enjoy your car and that you do not need to use the isurance.

Daniella zei

LOL the video goes perfect with the new car and all :)

Very interesting blog, I'll be sure to follow :D

Simon Overhill zei

I bought a car in August, and I've already had to put as much money into repairs as I paid for it. It sucks.

amBored zei

that car looks fine

A.C.Brown zei

house mates car keeps getting keyed by the little shits in our road. really annoying for him.

chups zei

nice car u got there, take good care of it!:)

Zara zei

That song D:

Bryant A zei

I once bought an old BMW 318i and it died within 8 hours of buying it cash... never saw the owner ever again.

Sean zei

That's crazy, your car looks EXACTLY like my friend's.

Tyr zei

dude, wanna get mad chicks?
get a damn bike, pussee magnet.
True story

Venus zei

congratulations. take good care of your car, don´t be like me that I don´t even wash mine, much less change the oil, LOL

PenDRaGoN zei

I hope he doenst find any zombies anytime soon... but we dont know where hes heading, right?

Anoniem zei

Worst... singer... evah! Well, that's what everybody says.. but there are worse.

Alex zei

Check out the laws in your state for lemons

hoaks2 zei

Good luck with your car. Buying used is always a gamble. But, I bought a $500 car once, and it was awesome. Best part: I didn't care about trashing it, since it was just 500 bucks.

husar zei

good post

+ follower:)

AUD zei

Ford Escorts are a classic!

skinned sheep zei

congrats on your new car. +follow

docmench zei

So the car you bought is not a lemon?

Trapper zei

Congrats and good luck hope it keeps on running!


juno zei

congratulations! you are now a man :D

Nicole✗✗ zei

Congrats on the new car!! It doesn't look like a lemon to me I hope it works out!! : )

Thanks for stopping by my site, I'm following!

Josh zei

That's great. I haven't had to have a car for a few years, but now I need to get one because I'm moving. It's been a while since I've gone through that process

cool blog.

Alphabeta zei

I'll bet someone has already made this joke, but I'm a bit too busy to read all other the comments just now.

If the car salesman gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Then invite all your friends around for a lemony party! LOL!

Hawhaw. Enjoy your new lemo. Car I mean.

Goregrindmadness zei

Sounds interesting :D
Looking forward for more of your blog activity.

Simone zei

Ahhh, I hate that song!!

bipolar bear zei

bikes are the way forward, man! way cheaper insurance!

Emp ZehRulez zei

hope i get mine soon