zondag 20 maart 2011

Major Blog Update

Hi y'all,

For some of you who might remember the old blogdesign, this looks completely different. In this blog I'm gonna give some quick updates about the blog, and also about my life of course (it's still my blog) 

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First thing first, the new design. You can't deny it, it looks completely different. It's a lot brighter than the previous one, and more Mario! Woohoow Marioo. 
Amount of pageviews: 888
I switched all the widgets to the left, starting by followers, then amt of views, and look! I have 888 pageviews, that's soo cool. I'd like to thank all my fans and readers for letting me get so much pageviews, the last days the pageviews quite have been a rollercoaster, but I'm really happy. Also did you know in Chinese 888 means good fortune? (发发发) I definately hope so!

Under the pageviews is the visitor globe, which is really a cool widget (if it works). I have my doubts about it, but even if it doesn't it's still cool. 
Then we have the archive, which will by now contain 10 blogs, so another jubilee.
And then some google analytics stuff and blogger stuff I can't get rid of, but I'm working on that lol
Then on every blog I addes new sort of reactions you can directly "place", it's like a "like button", exept you have more options like zOMG,WTF?, BBQ and LOL.

Lemon Laws In Belgium, do they exist?

For people who are new on my blog, I'll explain what a lemon law is. A lemon law is a law about consumer protection in USA which deals solely with vehicles. That means when you buy a car and it doesn't work properly, you can rely on the lemon law to let the manufacturer repair it for free. Each state in the USA has it own lemon law; there is eg the Lemon Law of Wisconsin, Lemon Law of California, Lemon Law of Ohio, Lemon Law of Illinois, you get the picture. 
In some states it is very powerful. In some, where the manufacturers have better lobbyists, it is not. From what I have gathered there is not much consumer protection in most of Europe relating to automobiles. 
I'm pretty sure there is some kind of law in any country stating that if purchased goods are not in good working condition the seller must either repair, take them back or offer a partial refund. The key problem is that with your purchase contract you've also accepted the warranty terms and conditions which usually overrule those laws (sometimes for the better, i.e. 3 years instead of 1 year warranty period) but also might sort of conflict with them (like all free repairs are at <your car manufacturer>'s discretion).

My weekend almost completely dominated by Aston Martin.

So it happened saturday morning, as I was talking to my friend. I said him I bought a car, but I don't have a driver's licens yet. This reminded him of the following story: 
Around october 2010, Marek Sosnowski, a 19 year old Polish Guy without a driver's license wins an Aston Martin DB9. How? On Party Poker! Seriously, no kidding, he won it thanks to party poker. 
Almost a year before he deposited some money on Party Poker, got a Party Poker bonus I hope for him because they're cool, and grinded it up. Then when he had that 1 year of experience, he entered a tournament with at least 20,000 participants and got to the final table. Because of that cash, he was allowed to enter the live Party Poker event in London, "Drive The Dream", where the winner would receive its own Party Poker Aston Martin DB9. He won and boom, now he's a 19 year old with one of the coolest cars there is.
Sick story, but anyways, let's just try to imagine the car insurance quote he has to pay. The auto insurance quote would be so high I guess, he can better get all his money from party poker OR sell his AMDB9 to someone who can afford the high car insurance quote and grind his money up on partypoker.

Update on teh pokerz

Some handhistories with my line of thoughts:
1) Biggest pot of the night
Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (2 handed) - 
Party Poker Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com  
BB ($92.60) 
Hero (SB) ($119.60)  
Preflop: Hero is SB with 10♣, 10♦ 
Hero bets $1.50,BB raises to $4.50,     
He was 3betting a lot, so I'm 4betting purely for value here
Hero raises to $13.50, BB calls $9        
When he calls here and he did it really really fast, he has probably 66+, but never QQ+, and some broadways. QQ+ never is because he called fast, and he would at least thought for a second about shoving.
Flop: ($27) 4♣, 8♣, 6♦ (2 players)  
BB checks, Hero bets $14.50, 
BB raises to $79.10 (All-In), Hero calls $64.60   
The shove here makes no sense, except with 55, 77 and some bluffs maybe. Standard call.
Turn: ($185.20) 4♥ (2 players, 1 all-in)  
River: ($185.20) 10♥ (2 players, 1 all-in) 
Total pot: $185.20 | Rake:$0.50      
What do you think he had?

1) Bet vs Check-raise river. Big mistake causes me to lose value

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (2 handed)
Party Poker Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com  
SB ($53.60) 
Hero (BB) ($86.80)  
Preflop: Hero is BB with K♥, 3♠  
SB bets $1.50, Hero raises to $4.50
Same opponent, he was actually folding a lot of 3bets, so I was 3betting very light with some garbage hands and even just calling his raise with good hands.
SB calls $3  
Flop: ($9) 4♥, 2♠, 2♦ (2 players)  
Hero bets $5, SB calls $5
Standard c-bet I guess, will get a lot of folds. A call here can mean a 4, or some gutshots and eventually a 33,55+. Maybe he's floating with wider range, but you can't always count that in.
Turn: ($19) K♣ (2 players)  
Hero bets $13.75, SB calls $13.75  
Scare card for him, a must-bet card for me. He will call with a lot of hands he called with on the flop, and he has no King in his hand 99.9% of the time.
River: ($46.50) 2♣ (2 players) 
Hero bets $46.50 (All-In for villain to call), 1 fold 
Huge mistake, don't understand why I bet here, as you can see. A check-raise, but probably check-call because he will shove her with a lot of hands, from missed draws to maybe even pocket pair's to a 4. Lost a lot of value here.
Total pot: $46.50 | Rake: $0.50

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nice switch around. also loving the mario

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Oh my god, awesome backgrodun dude!

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looks good.

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Crazy weekend it sounds.

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I gotta say the new design is awesome, Mario is a classic.

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I love the new blog design, I feel it flows much better than the other one. It also has a certain "pop" to it :)

Asty zei

Better to check the river and allow him a chance to bluff on the second hand definitely, but if you were going to lead you should've chosen a smaller bet-size to get the call you want from weaker pocketpairs/the 4

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LOL awesome!!

super mario bros for the win!!

hope you see my blog and leave feedback

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I like the new design. I think he had a flush draw or Ak/Aq in the biggest pot of the night.

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looks pretty nice..a little bright for my liking though.

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i love mario but maybe you should think about making it a little more user friendly.

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i want that car too!

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Oh man ,you gotta love Mario

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mad retro :P

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Nice redesign.


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love it bro~

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I love your blog design!! The Mario theme is such a great idea!

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Looks better now, BTW, the globe thingy works, Its showing my location and I added it to my log also.

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Looks nice

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#GET 999

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me likes the new design

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Totally cool bro'!
Following you now!

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awesome blog man.


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Took me a while to locate the comment button. :O Otherwise pretty nice design, keep it up!