maandag 21 maart 2011

Interesting Car Insurance Facts

1. Purchasing of insurance is so much easier than making claims.
2. Car or Auto insurance is the only type of insurance that policy owner would avoid claiming. Because if you were to claim, the premium will be extremely expensive the following year.


3. Strangely, the car insurance quote for older people who are between 50 and 65 are the lowest because these group pf people are considered the safest. Obviously, reflexes are not considered by insurance companies.
4. The car insurance quote for 25 years old and below are the most expensive. Many people feels that it is better to walk than drive when you are 25 years old and below.
5. In some countries, married people pay less in car insurance premium because they are considered to be more responsible people. What if they are 25 years and below, and married, what will their car insurance quote be?
6. Insurance companies called possible losses – ‘exposure’. Why can’t they use ‘potential losses’ in their policies? in their car insurance premiu, because they are considered to be safer than men. Whenever there is a highway chain accident, usually as you move forth, you will see the first car is driven by a lady driver.
8. Car insurance is the only financial product that you are actually paying for nothing and you would not get anything back when it matures.
9. Two-doors cars are consider high-risk because they are generally and mostly sport cars. In Singapore, one such insurance company considered Mazda RX8 (Sport Car) as a 4-doors car. The two little doors at the rear can’t even opened from outside. You can’t open that door unless the front door is opened. I would prefer to call them covers instead.
10. Many car owners only found out that standard auto or car insurance policies do not cover damages due to flood when it happens. 90% of car owners do not read their car insurance policy and did not know that.

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A.C.Brown zei

very informative and helpful, will keep this in mind when i renew my own insurance

mac-and-me zei

interesting indeed, the more you know

Patti D. zei

very cool facts and love the web design!

Changinlife zei

Haha dude, I completely understand.

Though I normally buy cheap cars since no matter what quality car you buy, they only go down in price unless it becomes antique

Lemmiwinks zei

great background on this, bro!

Nicole✗✗ zei

Ha! I love #3! hahaha! #5, so true-what if they are married and under 25? How does that make sense? : ) It is also so weird that two-door cars are considered high-risk. So weird. That explains why my dad always hated me having sporty cars. Oh well. Great post!

Thatoneguy zei

Interesting facts.

Pappa Püllï zei

Nice facts, gonna help me next time i buy a car

paccez zei

Useful conted (and kind of funny too).

Will follow ;)

JaksonHunt zei

awesome, will keep this in mind when i purchase my first care

/\ustin zei

#8 - Isn't all insurance like this? I mean home insurance doesn't seem to return much besides piece of mind and security.

DylanF zei

i'm always so skeptical of insurance. this is helpful. thanks.

Anoniem zei

Haha very informative. I like the color scheme too.

Daily01 zei

interesting. The first fact gives the best impression: they are thieves:)

Merlyy zei

Interesting info, thanks =)

turtle zei

somehow i don't feel like ever smiling at any employee of my insurance company ever again.

damn crooks

Alpha zei

Thanks for the heads up.

amBored zei

true words

DrQmn1 zei

I always appreciate useful info

Tweeks Coffee zei

great post. looking forward to reading your next one

bipolar bear zei

Motorbike insurance is so much cheaper! And so is fuel!

Daniella zei

learning something new every day, thanks again for gathering up all this info for us! :)

DisposedCheese zei

It great how they are sneaky in the policy