donderdag 31 maart 2011

Funny Cartoon #1

¡Hola señores!

I found a series of about 3 dozen cartoons on the internet. I don't know the name of the cartoons, or who made them, I only know they're funny :D
I really wanted to share them with you all! Let me know if you (don't) like them. 


Cartoon 1:

(for those who might not can click the image to see the original sized image!)

34 Responsaments:

mac-and-me zei


elexerdelex zei

isn't this the ''some-country-comic''
I thought ''Korean Comic''

Ah well thanks for sharing! followedd!

John A.S. zei

@elexerdelex: yes thanks! it's the Korean Comic!!

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid zei

yes funny!

Toto zei

haha funny!

amBored zei

can't keep my aim :D

Thatoneguy zei

Yeah post more man, this one was funny.

TheLanderson27 zei


-E- zei

those koreans are pretty good. have you seen their cgi parodies of the news? can't remember the name.

Mörkörovio zei

A Korean guy called Yang Young-Soon draws these. Great stuff! :D

Tibble zei

very good comic

Big Unicorn zei

lol wtf

Micah Goss zei

I love this guys stuff.

Dade zei

yeah I wonder who made this. It's hilarious.

Alpha zei

Snoipin's a good job, mate.

The Emancipator zei

Nice I could always use a funny comic every now and then

honkhonkpt zei

Haha sweet!

Electric Addict zei

nice haha

Come At Me Bro zei

This is great!

Leanora's Blog zei

Funny comic, you should post more of these if you have any

Jay.CA zei

these comics never get old. :D

incognito19 zei

haha thanks for sharing

Claude zei

Haha, pretty funny. Post some more man!

Patres zei

I... didn't get it xD

Rondariel zei

Haha wat?

consuela bananahammoc zei

I don't get it either :D

LunaSihne zei

Haha, thats funny.

~DS zei

hahaha, LOVE these comics.

I have wide shoulders too, maybe I can apply for this job

TheLanderson27 zei

still makes me laugh

Patti D. zei

Those comics are awesome!

Mo zei

nice blog

BM zei


qwerty zei

that nigga can't aim properly.

The Satirical Swashbuckler zei

Nice dude!