dinsdag 5 april 2011


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mac-and-me zei

they are awesome

consuela bananahammoc zei


Claude zei

Haha, I like them, especially the waitress one. However the last one is a bit wtf?

amBored zei

lol give me money Q_Q

TheLanderson27 zei

cool pictures!

Chuck zei

Haha! So weird but funny!

Alpha zei

String dude is clearly a tactical genius.

LunaSihne zei

Pretty good.

LunaSihne zei


Marisol zei

haha their good, made me lol :)

Marisol zei

haha their good , made me lol :)

AllenTesch zei

Those are really funny.

T. Roger Thomas zei

Red panties indeed, funny

taio zei


bill zei

ha ha very good

jamierod.rodriguez zei

What was up with that last one... so odd!

Beggers zei

I love the overall layout of your blog man :)

Admin zei

Saved them all.

qwerty zei

Mas comics porfavor

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congrats for 300 followers!

Alek zei

AWesome! Keep it up. Followed

Anoniem zei

Gracioso/funny comic.

Drew zei

Lovin them keep em coming.

husar zei

nice post, good blog

+ follower:)

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Awesome very cool. following

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I love your blog
<3 Mario

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so cool..following.

PlaySafe zei

nice cartoons :P

Maquina zei

Did he find the number 4 key?

LaserDollars zei

I love the guy who does these comics!

Nom de Plume zei

Cool :D

Teen Book Reviewer zei

nice! too funny and ridiculously informative.

braumaman zei

Great comics!